Minecraft LEGO Class

At Brickzone Starting Wednesday's 4/22-5/27


Calling all LEGO MINECRAFT fans!

Come and put your engineering imagination to the test. Learn, design, build and explore a new LEGO build each week. This session is all about Minecraft! Build Creepers, the Nether, Steve, your own Minecraft world, learn and build 2D/3D mobs and much more. Each student will get a chance to share their builds to the group.  Come ready to explore, learn, and build together! 

Hathaway, Gause, and Columbia River Gorge Elementary student's can ride the bus directly to Brickzone from their school! 

Class start approximately 3:15 and runs to 4:30pm. Parents must pick and sign out their child at 4:30pm or a late fee will charged!