We provide a number of classes where we concentrate on science, technology, education and math, theme LEGO building and creative concept building. Different classes are taught throught the school year. Like our Facebook page to receive class information and registratin links.




  • Engineering  


Here we will build motorized cranes, dogs, cars, and "The Walker" where we let the kids engage in Battle BOT Wars! We encourage students to go beyond the instructions to create unique builds and show them off to the group!











  • Pneumatics

This class is an oppertunity for students to go beyond our first LEGO engineering class and experiment with air power robots, robotic arms, lifts and much more! The students will also have the chance to motorize each project. They will learn about meters, pressure tanks, air flow and more.



  • Robotics Computer Coding

This hands on class will enhance students skills
in science, technology, engineering and coding. Explore, build, and learn computer coding using LEGO! Build science rovers, frogs, cars and more. Students will make their builds, move builds through computers, and code different functions to do so. 

  • After School Builders Club
We provide schools with enrichment classes for an hour of fun and learning. Each class concentrates on an engineering concept where students build structures using those concepts. Bridges, pyramids, walls, towers, are just of few engineerings builds.
If your school is interested in starting a Builders Club contact Carrie at 360-835-1200 or for more details.