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After School Builders Club

Our club comes to your school where we set up and instruct a number of different themes. We provide STEM learning, creative thinking, and group sharing in each of our sessions. Students will explore and learn about architecture, engineering and problem solve through LEGO® bricks. Some of our themes are:


  • Bridge design and building. Here students create a bridge using LEGO® pieces and we undergo a sturdy test to see if their design can with-stand weight. How much weight can it take before it falls? 

  • Eiffel Tower. Learn about the architect behind this building marvel, why it was built, how did he build it, and then create your own version!

  • Pyramids. In this project students get a lesson about the Egyptian Pyramids and Pharaoh's. Students then get a chance to design and create their own to share!

  • Sturdy Towers. Let's see how tall we can make your tower before it falls! How can we make it taller? What design could we use to make it more sturdy?












We have many more themes and builds for your students these are just some of the examples! .


*If you would like to set up an after school LEGO® Builders Club at your school call Carrie at 360-835-1200 email her at for more details.





Great Wall of China
Statue of Liberty
Group Share 
Great Wall of China
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Tower city
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