Homeschool Classes through Vancouver Parks and Recreation held at Firstenburg Community

Starting  Monday, October 28th!

LEGO Stop Motion Animation

Lights, Camera, Action! Bring your device with the stop motion studio app (Free Version) and get ready to become a movie maker. Student will use LEGO bricks to tell their own stories and show off their unique LEGO builds through stop motion animation. We will build mini sets and props, then shoot their animation using the device app. We will edit, cut, and show off their own LEGO Mini Movies. 

Monday's 10/28-12-9 (No Class on Veteran's Day)


Ages 8-14


Bring your tablet with the Stop Motion Studio App Needed (Free Version)

***We have a limited amount of tablets to use if you don't have one. First come first serve basis. Please let us know when you register!


Gidget and Gadgets!

Come ready to explore and learn about different engineering designs through LEGO! Each week we will learn, design, build, and test a different build. Student's can work on their own or with a partner to create wind power cars, catapults, spinners, a balance contraption, a candy machine and more. Put your engineering talents to the test!

Monday's 10/28-12/9 (No Class Veteran's Day)


Agers 5 1/2- 9